Over time, I acquired specific knowledge in areas related to design, communication, e-learning and information technology having gained experience in planning and development of projects in areas such as graphic design, communication, prepress and information technology.


I started my professional career when I was preparing to finish mechanics technical school and while looking for an internship, I was hired as a technical translator for an aviation company. Engineering was not in my future, so, I enrolled as an undergraduate of language em literature at the federal university in hopes that one day I might become a certified translator.
During this time I worked as an English teacher, educational coordinator and even as regional director of a language school, the path was leading me to other areas and my desire was to work with education.
As I left the country to the United States and tried to get into a linguistics course, I stumbled upon learning of synthetic languages, or programming languages. I was sure my future would have something to do with information technology, so I started learning to program in COBOL, Pascal, C and the chance to get a scholarship in information systems within a reputed university was embraced enthusiastically.
Already studying, I worked as data-entry clerk and soon after, I was working as an analyst at a tax-related computer company, which lasted for six years, starting as a trainee and leaving as a middle analyst.
Yet, in my last years as an analyst, I became interested in computer graphics, and some specific courses in different colleges became part of my daily journey.
Being able to buy a computer with the ability to work with images was difficult at that time, but as soon as I could, I started to work as a freelancer doing design work with a group of advertising freelancers, accepting small jobs that could fit in the few hours available.
Back in Brazil, I was graced with job offers in advertising agencies, consulting for a newspaper that had great computers and lack of knowledge about their use in the production and I thought this could be my path.
However, leaving the advertising agency and opening a design studio that my path was forged more concretely. Along with a partner in a small studio, I managed to get to work for great clients and partnerships with major suppliers.
At the same time, knowledge in graphics platforms for creative use was in demand and I immediately started consulting and training in graphics platform for agencies and newspapers in the region.The studio grew, I left the company, but while trying to open a second studio, I received an offer from a supplier in São Paulo to move there and become an advisor for a project which would last for a couple of years. What was supposed to be at the most two years, lasted seven, as the initial project finished and several others appeared and forced me to stay there.
At that time, the focus was to acquire as much knowledge about digital prepress as possible and work as a consultant in the area for companies that lacked this knowledge.
However, despite the great path that the city offered me, I decided I needed to stop and rethink whether to continue there or return to where I had decided I would live, in short, it was the time to review everything.
Back in Florianópolis, the cycle seemed to follow an already known path, as I returned to work in advertising, prepared to meet the demands of technology and training for the agency's clients and everything seemed to be somewhat the same as usual.
However, my desire to do something new met with the need of a friend,as she asked me to help modernize her business. I agreed to set up the IT infrastructure and develop web automated customer service for her accounting firm.
Two years later, still eager to know more about e-learning, and with great enthusiasm to embrace a new direction, I started working with instructional design and e-learning platforms. After uniting the graphic design knowledge with instructional design, I started working as media consultant, offering strategic support in the development of e-learning materials.
Today, I remain attentive to the development of new technologies, platforms, media and updating my knowledge whenever possible.

bgphoto©André Morro